Simar Halwany

Simar is Lebanese visual artist specialised in painting and drawing.She uses various techniques such as Oil,Acrylic,Pastel,Water Colors and mixed media.Simar tend to convert reality to a colourful imagery,taking us to the mythical places,adding charm and joy to life.

Simar has a Master degree in illustration at Mixmaster Illustration in 2015,Milano,Italy and B.A from the Fine Arts Department (Beaux Arts) in 2000 specialised in Painting and Etching.

In 2008 she became a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society,participating in the annual Arts Exhibition at the House of Arts in Sharjah,UAE.Since then,she has been working as a freelancer illustrator for children books with many well-known Authors from Lebanon and the Middle East.

Simar's love for the children led her to compassionately write and illustrate 'BOO'.It was her first adventure as Author/Illustrator.This book was published in 2017.

A number of her books are award winners like the book'AL FEEL AL RASSAM'for the best book of the year 2017 with 'Al Fikr Al Arabi 21.'

Shortlisted for the best illustrator with Etisalat Award for Arabic Children's Literature 2017 for the book 'Shajat Al Zaytoun/The Olive Tree.

Her illustrations of the book'A Fish I Dreamt Of' was on the international honour list for the best illustrator 2016 with LBBY at Bologna Book Fair in Italy.

The book'Samakati' was as well awarded and made it to the honour list of 'Kebabi' awards in 2013,by 'Al Fikr Al Arabi 21'as the book was voted by children to win the prize for best illustrations.

She is visionary  artist who create a wide variety of images and enjoys experimenting with different materials and styles.